Every man on the world is familiar with a hair clipper or has heard of it. And you must be familiar with buzzcut too. There have been many articles talking about the reason why you should get a buzzcut such us it’s the most simple hairstyle in the world, it can fit no matter what your face shaped, it saves an amount of money, it can be done in anytime you want and you don’t have to worry about the result after the barber cut your hair. Although it doesn’t mean that everybody loves this kind of hairstyle.

I’ve known a lot of people who said that not having any hair on their heads was too uncomfortable. But, as the fashion world get developed, a simple buzzcut can now be created in a higher level such as geting undercut or drawing some art on the head. And of course you can D.I.Y at home with the best hair clippers or should I say the right ones that fit you and your pocket and some skills. Below are some tips that can help to get the fabulous hairstyle for you.

  1. Option is unlimited

There are many buzzcut styles such as mohawk and there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Depends on the hairstyle, you should look for the right combs and attachments since every clipper comes with different attachments to be able to cut your hair to different lengths. Clippers with movable blade angles are the best to cut many layers. Also to protect your ears, clippers that have edge guards are the top choice.

  1. Read the instruction before hand

If you’re the newbie in using hair clippers, I’d suggest that you read the manual to get used to the buttons to turn them on and off, change speeds, change blades and turn on the clip guards. The blades of hair clippers are usually sharp so if you’re not careful then you could damage your head and your ear. If you notice, the barber will often cut in the reverse direction of your hair growth, you should do that too. Hair grows differently in each area of head and in each person’s head. To find which direction your hair grow, run your hand through your hair and remember the position so you can cut easily later.

Now, let’s get into the part where you start cutting your side.

  1. The Both Sides

Normally, people will start form one side of the head, go all around the back then get to the other side. One problem with this kind of way is that you could forget what you’ve done to the previous side. So you should try to skip the “around the back” progress and cut the sides first.

  1. The Back

The back might be the most difficult area to cut. It is impossible to look at the back of your head so you’ll have to use an additional mirror. That might be the best solution, but you’ll still have some troubles in balancing the cut line. Two person is better than one. Ask for help if you can, it’ll be much easier and take less time than do it alone. But if you cannot get help from somebody else then there is a way for you. Lay the opposite hand to your major hand. For example. I mainly use my right hand and I put the left hand on the back of my head to know how high I’m cutting and to balance my cut line. Slowly move the hair clippers through your hair until you touch the edge of your hand. When cutting, the sound of the hair clippers will help you decide when to stop although this needs to be practiced a lot.

  1. The Top

The top is the longest part of any hairstyle. Depends on what hairstyle you choose, you’ll need different kind of cut. To make it easier, use a comb to make clear of what part you should cut. If you’r the person with strong and thick hair, use scissors to make the hair on the top thinner so they’ll get into shape better. Finally, you can fix the hair, make them look suitable with the side and the back.