Pack And Play For Children

When a baby is born, the purchase crib for baby cots own safe sleeping space, play it safe is what parents need to calculate in the list of items to be purchased. To help parents in choosing a quality product safety in countless crib newborn baby cribs on the market today, we would like to introduce to parents cribs cradle baby newborn fabric cover.

Fabric cover neonatal best pack and play such as Graco Pack and Play Playard, Tango in the Tongo is easy to install, it is safe for the baby.

Graco crib lightweight design suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years old, the age need a private space to ensure safer than ever.

The Suitable Size For Pack And Play

Suitable size for easy move, you can move your baby to sleep even when the baby to sleep anywhere and anytime without waking.

Pylons toy teddy bears are made of cotton hanging rattles cute, help your child to play good in the baby pack and play.

How To Use

You just press the button and fold the legs of the “crib” in a very easy and fast, saves space in your room.

The wheels are compact and smart, will help you become easier each time you want to move them. With 4-side cribs covered by the grid will bring little airy feeling all the time, help them easily observed around the mother and baby will be easily observed.

Baby special pack and play pouch for easy storage and portable storage or carrying of picnic or going away. Everything becomes easy and within reach you.

Baby crib product ultralight US imports.

Hint When Using:

Downstairs absolute safety with lower child 90cm (to make sure your baby can not climb out).

Upstairs only suitable for 7kg lighter sleeping baby. Pack and play is one of the ultra-light line crib bestseller in the US market of famous brands Graco. Our products are made completely by premium fabrics, soft, airy and absolutely safe for the baby’s health. Further products are built so many outstanding features without the usual types of cribs as separate tracks, with special shelves diapering and easily folded with just a few easy steps. Products are now available in Vietnam and distributed by supermarkets mother and baby Kids Plaza and a lot of mothers trust and choice.

Advantages Of Pack And Play

Pack and play are lightweight type is designed for babies from birth to 3 years of age when reached. Above the shelves changing diapers cribs have been designed with a horizontal reach of the parents should be very convenient and saves time. Shelves for your baby only weighs 7 kg and smaller can easily disassemble the crib.

Safe cribs 2 floors: upstairs is for babies and when they grow, the ground floor will become very useful crib for children.

The product has two front wheels to help the mother easily moved like a trolley from the living room to the bedroom.

Music In Pack And Play

Pack and Play of brand Playard Garaco GC-9E02BRB Pack 4 buttons around the kennel help easily folded mother again in just a few easy steps.

Back and paly use ultralight music box comes with 5 classic tracks corresponding to 5 different sounds very soothing and calming bring your baby enjoy while eating or sleeping. Music box with automatic installation mode off very convenient.

The border around the crib cribs are made of soft cotton fabric, cool, soothing feeling, the most comfortable, especially give the baby the deep sleep and sweet dreams.

Infant care is one of the most difficult stages of the posts are first-time mothers. However, she did not need to ask too much of myself. Overcome this difficult period to adapt to the new situation is all that you can do.

Avoid the lack of sleep to stay awake when baby care. You need to understand how much sleep you need each day and take advantage of nap when baby sleeps.

To prevent your baby lies in the crib and put the baby was sleeping and to pillows, blankets or toys away, possibly to a thin blanket under his arm in half under the baby’s pack and play.

Call your doctor if your baby to sleep too much (more than 16 hours a day), because most likely these are signs of infection.