Charles Hoskinson: „Cardano has big plans for the next few months“

A lot will change at Cardano (ADA) in the next 30 to 60 days. In an interview, Charles Hoskinson announced new plans and explained how things should continue with ADA after the start of the Goguen Mainnet.

The countdown is running and the start of the Cardano Goguen Mainnet is getting closer with each passing day

In an interview with Financial Fox , Cardano inventor Charles Hoskinson announced that everything at Cardano will revolve around smart contract applications in the next few months. Hoskinson plans to expand massively, especially in the area of ​​decentralized finance (DeFi).

In addition, the interview reveals that Hoskinson has met with some well-known names from the crypto scene over the past few months to drive the adaptation of Cardano. The companies who want to support Cardano include the teams from Celsius, SingularityNET, Fireblocks and Prime Trust.

By working with the various crypto companies, Hoskinson wants to promote the adaptation of ADA in particular among institutional investors.

In addition, the research team of the Cardano Foundation is supposed to work on a new initiative that is supposed to promote smart contract development on Bitcoin Trader:

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We’ll be announcing some new things, such as a smart contract institute that specializes in smart contract development and is based at a university.

It is very likely that the University of Wyoming will play a central role, according to Hoskinson.

Kiss’s Gene Simmons invests in Cardano

But not only the Cardano inventor is optimistic about the future of the blockchain project. Rock icon Gene Simmons of the band Kiss also recently made a six-part investment in ADA :

I just bought ADA for $ 300,000, but I’m not a financial analyst. I just want to share which blockchain project I believe in.

On February 19, Simmons announced on Twitter that he had purchased $ 300,000 worth of ADA. He emphasized that he was not a financial expert, but still wanted to share with his fans which projects he believed in.

ADA before the price explosion? This is what the on-chain data says

Cardano has risen sharply in the past few weeks and months and that is also reflected in the on-chain data. According to the so-called network growth indicator from IntoTheBlock , the ADA network has grown by 6.46 percent in the last seven days. The network growth indicator measures how many new addresses have been added to a blockchain network in a certain period of time.

Overall, according to the network growth indicator, more and more people seem to be interested in Cardano. This development can be interpreted as a bullish sign for the ADA course.