Krypto beweist, dass Zentralbanken veraltet sind, sagt UIC Barcelona Professor

Ein spanischer Wirtschaftsprofessor sagte, dass die Popularität von Krypto beweise, dass Zentralbanken in der modernen Welt „veraltet“ geworden sind.

Die Kommentare wurden von Professor Pablo Agnese abgegeben, einem Dozenten in der Abteilung für Wirtschaft und Unternehmensorganisation der Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Barcelona (UIC Barcelona), der hinzufügte, dass junge Menschen einen gesellschaftlichen Wandel anführen sollten, der die „Masse“ einbeziehen wird Einführung “digitaler Währungen.

Agnese, pro Europapress, fügte hinzu , dass Banking „für Zentralisierung, [asymmetrische] Klientelismus und den Mangel an Wettbewerb. Kryptowährungen stehen für Dezentralisierung und Wettbewerb. “

Er fügte jedoch hinzu, dass dies nicht bedeutet, dass Krypto und der traditionelle Bankensektor „nicht koexistieren können“, sondern darauf bestehen müssten, dass sie sich gegenseitig Hinweise geben müssten, um das gegenseitige Überleben zu gewährleisten.

Er meinte, Krypto sei keine Modeerscheinung, sondern behauptete, Token seien “hier, um zu bleiben”

Und Agnese behauptete, ein „großes spekulatives Element“ habe dazu beigetragen, digitale Token “aufgrund ihrer hochtechnologischen und disruptiven Natur” auf ihre jüngsten Höchststände zu bringen.

Er behauptete, dass auch Gold in den letzten Monaten eine Wiederbelebung erfahren habe. Der Vermögenswert, wie Krypto, sagte Agnese, habe von “der großen Unsicherheit profitiert, in der sich die internationale Wirtschaft jetzt befindet”.

Die Zentralbanken seien durch Krypto entlarvt worden, was “die Veralterung der Zentralbanken und ihre Geldemissionspolitik” bewiesen habe.

Bitcoin is close to $16,000, but it’s the Ethereum that can shine in November

After the strong Bitcoin rupture above $15,000, analysts are looking to Ether as market sentiment around the Ethereum strengthens.
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching $16,000 after reaching $15,960 at Binance. After the rise of the dominant cryptomeda, analysts are now looking at Ether (ETH). The Ethereum block chain’s native token had a high momentum last week. After a lower performance than the BTC in October, the likelihood of a new ETH bump is beginning to rise.
There are two main reasons why analysts expect Ether to perform strongly in the short term. First, capital in the Bitcoin market may move to ETH after the announcement of the Ethereum 2.0. Secondly, ETH has recently tested a critical level of resistance, increasing the chances of a wider rally. Given that the altcoin market has historically recovered after an initial increase in Bitcoin, the timing of an upward trend in ETH is ideal.

Will Bitcoin’s capital move to Ether?

Since October 21st, the price of Bitcoin has increased by about 33%. It has moved out of important areas of resistance one after the other, starting with $13,000. When Bitcoin initially exceeded $13,000, large groups of whales formed at that level. It showed that the whales began to actively accumulate BTC, making $13,000 a support area.
After BTC claimed $13,000 as a support level for the first time since July 2019, it continued to rise. Over time, he confirmed $13,500 as the next support level, followed by $14,000 and most recently $15,000. When Bitcoin started to rise, analysts said it was negative for altcoins, as it started sucking most of the market volume out of the cryptominoes. As a result, as Bitcoin recovered, many altcoins lost their value against Bitcoin and the US dollar.
The overwhelming strength of the Bitcoin from October to early November had a strong impact on the altcoin market, but the Bitcoin price action showed that the market sentiment around cryptomycin had returned. As such, a clean break above $15,000 could trigger more capital willing to play high-risk, which includes Ether.
Denis Vinokourov, head of crypto exchange and Bequant broker research, told the Cointelegraph that Bitcoin’s capital could enter the Ether and Ethereum ecosystem. In the last 48 hours, the decentralised financial market has performed particularly well, after stagnating since early September.
DeFi tokens, such as YFI from and UNI from Uniswap have increased by almost 30% after Ether’s abrupt recovery. Therefore, Vinokourov stressed that the wider Ethereum ecosystem could soon benefit from the Bitcoin rally:
“All eyes could be on the Bitcoin and the increase beyond the $15,000 level. However, the recent development update related to the Ethereum may result in some capital spinning back into the Ethereum and its wider ecosystem. This does not mean that Bitcoin will be actively sold, but the tendency to block Bitcoin in the Ethereum network may accelerate and be put to work on oversold DeFi and DEX tokens such as Uniswap. “
At the top of Ether’s historical trend to rise after a Bitcoin bump, crypto traders said that ETH may soon rise against Bitcoin. Michaël van de Poppe, a full time broker on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, said the ETH/BTC trading pair had reached an important support area. Van de Poppe said “It took a long time but $ ETH reached the 0.026 area we have been discussing a lot” referring to this as a large support area for ETH.

Launch of Ethereum 2.0 doing its part

The launch of Ethereum 2.0 in the imminent future is key to Ether’s momentum, as upgrading the network would significantly increase ETH’s transaction capacity. This would allow the new DeFi cycle, if it emerged, to last a long time, as it would reduce the risk of network clogging and high transaction fees. Since Ethereum 2.0 supports stakes, it allows users to allocate 32 ETH to the network in exchange for incentives, which can decrease the current ETH supply between exchanges.
According to a blog post by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin entitled “Why Proof of Stake”, betting on Ethereum will reward users with a 15% return. As the rate of return is based on ETH shares and not the US dollar, if the ETH price continues to rise, the betting incentives increase with it. As such, analysts expect more investors to accumulate ETH to bet on the currency, which would decrease pressure on the seller’s side.
The market and the community have been waiting for Ethereum 2.0 for several years, but the challenges have delayed its launch. The Ethereum 2.0 required several test networks with an immense amount of testing due to the complexity of the upgrade. The developers behind Ethereum 2.0 wrote on the Github page of Medalla testnet:
“Before such mainnet can be released, we need testnets that mimic the conditions of mainnet in the best possible way. This requires that we have stable, long-term and persistent testing networks installed and running, with support not only from one client, but from several clients, preferably all clients. “
The feeling around Ether has become increasingly optimistic because the launch of Ethereum 2.0 coincides with several favourable ETH catalysts. A cryptomime trader with a pseudonym known as “Loma” identified the fact that Ethereum 2.0 will remove about $1 billion from the market. As the offer falls, the Bitcoin bullishness is bringing significant capital back into cryptomeda, as the ETH/BTC trading pair is forming a lower formation.
The excitement surrounding the Ethereum 2.0 has intensified after Buterin’s personal portfolio sent 3,200 ETH to a deposit address on the Ethereum 2.0. According to the official release notes of the Ethereum 2.0 by coordinator Danny Ryan, if there are 16,384 deposits of 32 ETH seven days before December 1, the update of the Ethereum 2.0 can begin. After years of research, testing and implementation, there is finally a release date.
The coming confluence of the Ethereum 2.0 would benefit the entire Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem in terms of scale, and the strength of the ETH/BTC commercial pair makes a high in November and December more likely. There is also the story that the ETH rose significantly in January 2018 to its highest record of $1,419, almost a month after BTC reached its record of $20,000.

The Skype co-founder keeps his immense fortune in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and he’s living it well!

Rich, but mostly in cryptos – Although less well known than his counterpart, Elon Musk, Jaan Tallinn is nonetheless an engineer turned genius entrepreneur. Astonishing fact: It turns out that Tallinn retains much of the fortune it has built in Bitcoin Circuit platform.

A generous donor in cryptocurrency

Jaan Tallinn is the co-founder of the social network Skype , created in the early 2000s, before being sold to the eBay group in 2005, then acquired by Microsoft in 2011. This engineer of Estonian origin is now at the head with a personal fortune estimated at 900 million dollars .

In a recent interview with the Forbes newspaper, we learn that Jaan Tallinn has been a crypto HODLer for some time, having made very large donations in cryptocurrency over the past 2 years.

He poured these gifts to society Faculty AI , based in London, focusing on machine learning systems (machine learning) serving businesses and governments.

Jaan Tallinn would have thus, initially, given 350 ethers (ETH) to Faculty AI in January 2018. These ETH had a value then of approximately 435 000 dollars . He again made a donation to this company more recently, in March 2020: 50 bitcoins this time, or nearly $ 315,000 at that time.

A crypto-HODLer who cares about the appearance of a Skynet, Terminator style

Even though his donation aims to limit the risks associated with currently existing AI (artificial intelligence) systems, Tallin hopes that this will also limit the possible negative effects of the birth of an AI that exceeds human intelligence:

“(…) It might also make it safer to deploy something smarter than us. ”

The almost billionaire also explains that, if he made his donations in ethers and bitcoins , it is because he keeps the majority of his heritage in this form. In addition, converting these cryptos into fiat currencies would have resulted in unnecessary taxation (which would have reduced the amount of his donations).

Even if this type of donation has been an “accounting puzzle” according to Marc Warner , founder and director of Faculty AI, the company is happy to have kept a good part of it in its books of account. She would have sold only $ 144,000 in ethers between March 2019 and March 2020.

Holding cryptocurrencies over the long term seems to have benefited both Jaan Tallinn and the society that benefited from his generosity. The latter thus has good reserves to finance its future research on AI and machine learning .

Öppet intresse för Bitcoin-futures ökar till nästan 5,4 miljarder dollar

Det totala öppna intresset (OI) för Bitcoin-futures har fortsatt att öka eftersom kryptovalutan själv visar enorma prisvinster.

Den växande OI i BTC-futures antyder något ett ökande intresse för kryptovalutan, troligen på grund av uppgången i Bitcoin-priset. Bitcoin avslutades enligt uppgift den senaste månaden med cirka 30 procents ökning. Några timmar idag steg den ledande digitala valutan till över 14 000 dollar under den amerikanska valperioden.

OI i Bitcoin-futures närmar sig högsta tid

Enligt marknadsinformationen för ByBt uppgår det totala antalet öppna intressen för Bitcoin-futures för närvarande till 5,35 miljarder dollar. Observera att öppet intresse för antalet Bitcoin-futures (eller andra derivatkontrakt) som inte har reglerats.

Tidigare den 23 oktober uppgick värdet av den totala öppna räntan till 5,17 miljarder dollar. Efter nuvarande uppgifter har det skett ett tillägg på 0,18 miljarder dollar inom två veckor.

Eftersom Bitcoin fortsätter att stiga är det mer troligt att det öppna intresset kan överträffa den högsta tiden (ATH) till 5,7 miljarder dollar. För närvarande har den maltebaserade kryptovalutan, OKEx, den största andelen öppet intresse för Bitcoin-terminer.

OKEx-utbyte står för 1,06 miljarder dollar av den totala öppna räntan, enligt ByBt. Binance, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) och BitMEX har cirka 0,85 dollar, 0,78 dollar respektive 0,62 miljarder dollar.

Bitcoin ökar till $ 14K

Dessutom var Bitcoin futures 24-timmars utbytesvolym över 5 miljarder dollar, enligt Skew, en kryptomarknadsanalysplattform. Det är trevligt att notera att det växande intresset för Bitcoin-derivat relaterar något till de hausseartade trenderna i kryptovalutans pris. Messari förklarade i en nyligen publicerad publikation.

”Makroutsikter: Bitcoin och det amerikanska valet”, den höga öppna räntan i kombination med Bitcoins stigande pris – den flyttade från nästan 4 000 dollar i mars då den globala ekonomin nästan stängdes av på grund av COVID till 14 000 dollar idag – kan vara bra för Bitcoin . ”

Bitcoin v. Titoli tecnologici: chi saranno i vincitori “enormi”?

Come strumento finanziario, Bitcoin non ha concorrenti, ma come asset class ne ha molti. Quello ovvio è l’ oro , ma l’equivalente più moderno è la classe di asset dei titoli tecnologici.

Dai minimi del crollo finanziario del marzo 2020, pochi asset hanno recuperato le perdite

Mentre Bitcoin è aumentato di quasi il 200%, anche i titoli tecnologici hanno visto oscillazioni rialziste. Il Crypto Code è aumentato del 56%, Facebook del 77%, Amazon del 95%, Apple del 112% (aveva una divisione delle azioni nell’agosto 2020), Netflix del 77% e Alphabet del 48%. Questi sono stati i grandi vincitori del crash, ma senza dubbio Bitcoin ha visto guadagni maggiori. Eppure, non c’è più clamore sull’investimento nella criptovaluta.

Mentre gli investitori istituzionali come MicroStrategy, Square e Paul Tudor Jones sono diventati rialzisti sull’asset digitale, gli investitori al dettaglio sono ancora diffidenti e stanno optando per titoli tecnologici con prestazioni inferiori (ma comunque di valore). Perché?

In un’intervista con AMBCrypto, Nick di Ecoinmetrics ha fornito tre ragioni per questa sovraperformance dei titoli tecnologici rispetto a Bitcoin sul fronte della vendita al dettaglio.


A causa della massiccia capitalizzazione delle suddette società, i titoli tecnologici vedono un “flusso passivo” più elevato, ha detto Nick. Ciò che intendeva con questo era perché aziende come Apple, Alphabet, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon e Microsoft occupano i primi posti nell’S & P500, ricevono investimenti attraverso vari indici e fondi a grande capitalizzazione. Egli ha detto:

“I FAANG sono già una parte enorme degli indici utilizzati per gli investimenti passivi. Prendi Apple da sola, è circa il 6,5% dell’intero SP500 … Questo a sua volta sta spingendo il loro prezzo di mercato più in alto “.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook e Alphabet occupano i primi 5 posti dell ‘S & P500 , con un peso combinato di oltre il 20%, il che significa che, per ogni dollaro inserito nell’indice, 20 centesimi affluiscono inevitabilmente a queste società.

Per confrontare questa assimilazione dell’indice per i titoli tecnologici con Bitcoin, non c’è equivalente. Sebbene esistano alcuni indici crittografici, come l’ indice CM Bletchley , il processo di investimento non è abbastanza snello come lo è per i fondi indicizzati e quindi i titoli tecnologici. Gli investitori al dettaglio, che senza dubbio investono in tali fondi, lo fanno senza la motivazione di investire direttamente in titoli tecnologici, ma finiscono per farlo a causa della sua natura condivisa.

For those interested in joining virtual meetings to learn about Blockchain technology, read on – this post is for you!

During this month different events will take place around the Blockchain technology. In today’s post you will be able to extend some interesting events that are about to take place. An entertaining October with Blockchain technology awaits us.

A city in Argentina launches a series of talks about Blockchain technology
The Municipality of the City of Mendoza in Argentina announced on its official website that it will offer four talks about blockchain and Bitcoin Revolution starting tomorrow.

The Municipality will share a talk through its official channel on YouTube. Each one of them will be free. However, those interested must register through the administrative organisation’s website.

The talks will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the City of Mendoza. Some of the topics that this training will cover and which is aimed at entrepreneurs. Or, to those who are about to start a business, are:

“Introduction to blockchain and cryptoactives”
“DeFi Decentralized Finance”
“Federal Blockchain”
“Blockchain, Practical Application”, the latter will be the closing talk, on October 28th.
In that order, the talks will be given by the engineer and entrepreneur Álvaro Gandía, creator and organizer of BitcoinDay and Blockchain School Mendoza.

He will also be present: Renzo Mauro Ontivero, professor and researcher at the Universidad del Aconcagua. He is currently developing a research project about this technology.

MDC in Belarus tests decentralised technology to stop attacks against journalists
Seminar on digital transformation invites to the new interactive talk “Blockchain
A new interactive talk called “Blockchain” will be held this coming 13 October. By the house of studies in alliance with centres in countries such as Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. According to a statement on the official USM Events website.

Therefore, the Computer Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (USM), in alliance with the institutions and centres of the aforementioned countries, will be in charge of hosting this event which will be moderated by Martín Hagelstrom. IBM Blockchain leader in Latin America.

The activity will take place within the framework of the international seminar on digital transformation. It is accessible to all people interested in the topics that are developed in each day.

Blockchain technology for the film industry

Blockchain technology, on the other hand, is helping the film industry to look in new directions to reinvent its business models and renew its value chain.

As a result, the Europe Creative MEDIA offices in Berlin-Brandenburg and Denmark, in collaboration with the office in France and the Erich Pommer Institute, are organising a webinar to address this issue. The event will take place on Wednesday, 7 October from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. with prior registration via this link.

17 more talks
The event “Discovering Blockchain” starts this Thursday. And will have 17 live talks with international experts in technology Blockchain.

Open to all publics. The program of talks will start this October 8th with the presentation of Mariano Conti about the crypto world and how to navigate it. More information here.

The DeFi craze propelled Uniswap to $15.3 billion, surpassing Coinbase
Official Launch of DeFi Pro Postgraduate Course
Blockchain Institute & Technology presents this Wednesday the new postgraduate course on decentralized finance or DeFi. An educational programme for the finances of tomorrow.

Find out more about this educational initiative during the free talk to be held this Wednesday 7 October. More information at this link.

These are just some of the events around this technology that will take place during the current month. Undoubtedly, enthusiasts and those who want to join these meetings will have an entertaining October with Blockchain technology.

Open Interest in Bitcoin Options Sets New Record for Increased Liquidity

Open interest in Bitcoin options is at an all-time high as increased liquidity points to continued optimism among investors at BTC.

The open interest in Bitcoin options reached an all-time high of USD 2.14 billion on September 24, one day before a huge quarterly expiration of 89,100 contracts, or 47% of the existing option contracts at that time. Options are derivative contracts that give the holder the right (but not an obligation) to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price, also known as the “strike price”.

To advance digitalization, Bankia chose fintech The Logic Value

When looking at the trends of open interest before each monthly and quarterly maturity, there are spikes just before the maturity date, and they have been increasing after each maturity, pointing to increased liquidity in the Bitcoin Options Market (BTC) and an increasing number of investors participating in it.

Since the last expiration was the quarterly expiration for the third quarter of 2020, the open interest was expected to increase beyond the open interest observed in the previous monthly expirations of the same quarter. Cointelegraph discussed this further with Shaun Fernando, the head of risk and product strategy at Deribit, a crypto-currency derivatives exchange, who agreed saying that “the trend of open interest increasing at each quarterly maturity means a trend of increasing liquidity of options. Adding:

“The longer a maturity exists, the more open interest can increase as traders take positions in that maturity. So, the March 2021 maturity was introduced at the end of June, giving you more time to build positions as opposed to a daily maturity, which would generally be two days old. Therefore, the quarterly ones are correlated to the open interest”.

In addition to the fact that high open interest is related to the liquidity of the options and the greater number of participants within the market, it could also be driven by larger macroeconomic events within the cryptomoney markets, such as the DeFi-mania and the long-term effects of Bitcoin’s halving on the markets. Lennix Lai, director of financial markets for the OKEx crypt-currency exchange, echoes this assessment by addressing why there is an immediate drop in open interest after maturity:

“Open interest normally correlates with expected uncertainty and events that are expected to have a fundamental impact on the price of the underlying. Therefore, open interest at September maturity is reasonably higher due to the major event that impacted the industry with Bitcoin’s third halving in May and the general turmoil over DeFi, so a higher open interest reflects investors’ needs to protect themselves with options during the past few months. The subsequent drop in open interest indicates that the need for such event-based risk management is comparatively less now.

The growing trend of open interest in BTC options seems to be a positive sign that better things are coming for the cryptomoney derivatives market, according to Lai: “Indeed! The signal of growing open interest potentially reflects that more participants are entering the market. In addition, any additional market stimulus may create an aggressive scenario for BTC options.

Small price movements

Despite the expected price volatility before this expiration, where almost half of all existing Bitcoin option contracts expire, we didn’t see a significant impact on the price. A major reason for this could be the size of the option/derivative market compared to the BTC spot market. Although investors expect the options and futures market to grow to a larger fraction of the BTC spot market, which has a market capitalization of $194.11 billion. Lai added that “the influence of price is not so strong as to create a large variation,” adding, “While there is no direct correlation between open interest and the post-price/pre-expiration price in traditional markets, the crypto-currency markets do not stand aside.


Tezos, IOTA, STEEM Preisanalyse

Tezos, IOTA, STEEM Preisanalyse: Oktober

Tezos tendierte für eine kurze Zeit nach oben, bevor sich die Verkäufer des Marktes wieder einmal in das Orderbuch drängten. Langfristig entwickelten sich die Fundamentaldaten von Tezos schnell und könnten das Interesse der Käufer wieder wecken. STEEM bildete ein rückläufiges Umkehrmuster aus und versuchte, seine Unterstützung auf den Charts zu verteidigen. Im Gegenteil, die IOTA stellte in den letzten Tagen bei Bitcoin Superstar einige Gewinne fest und könnte sich weiter nach Norden bewegen.

Tezos [XTZ]

XTZ tendierte eine Woche lang nach Norden und stieg von $1,91 auf $2,3. Sie war jedoch bald gezwungen, unter den Widerstand von 2,25 $ zu fallen. Tatsächlich stieß auch ein weiterer Versuch, das gleiche Niveau zu erreichen, auf Ablehnung.

Die 20 SMA (weiß) bewegte sich kurzzeitig über die 50 SMA (gelb), wurde aber wieder unter die 50 SMA (gelb) zurückgedrängt. Der Aufwärtstrend hatte keine Beine, auf denen man stehen konnte, und ein Einbruch unter die 2 $-Marke kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden. Der Parabolic SAR deutete ebenfalls auf ein Verkaufssignal hin, und es ist zu erwarten, dass die gleitenden Durchschnitte Widerstand leisten werden.

Es wurde berichtet, dass Tezos daran arbeitet, die DeFi-Entwicklung voranzutreiben, der erste Schritt in Richtung des Tezos-DeFi-Ökosystems, das mit der Ethereum-Blockkette konkurriert.


Die IOTA traf mit 0,288 $ auf ihren Widerstand bei den Gemeinkosten und wurde hart abgelehnt, aber die Käufer konnten einspringen und den Einbruch bei 0,258 $ rückgängig machen. Das Krypto-Asset wurde zur Pressezeit bei 0,266 $ gehandelt.

Der CMF wies bei Redaktionsschluss einen Wert von +0,15 auf, was auf starke Kapitalzuflüsse in den Markt hinweist. Der OBV deutete auch an, dass der jüngste Preisanstieg durch das Interesse der Käufer unterstützt wurde.

Der steigende OBV-Trend bedeutete, dass das Kaufvolumen das Verkaufsvolumen überwog. Die Lieferzone von 0,288 $ bis 0,3 $ wurde im vergangenen Monat nicht überzeugend durchbrochen, so dass es unwahrscheinlich ist, dass sie nach diesem Versuch durchbrochen wird.

Steem [STEEM]

STEEM bildete einen ansteigenden Keil, wobei ein Ausbruchsziel auf die Basis des Musters, d.h. $0,15, projiziert wurde. STEEM brach unter die untere ansteigende Trendlinie aus und erreichte einen Spitzenwert von nur $0,1493.

Der RSI konnte sich nicht über 50 halten, was darauf hindeutet, dass STEEM nicht in der Lage war, ein nennenswertes zinsbullisches Momentum mittels Bitcoin Superstar aufzubringen. Er zeigte einen Wert von 43, zum Zeitpunkt der Veröffentlichung. Kürzlich fiel er ab, um überverkaufte Konditionen zu verzeichnen, doch selbst dem anschließenden Aufschwung fehlte es an Stärke seitens der Marktkäufer.

Die Bedeutung des Abwärtstrends bedeutete, dass es wahrscheinlich war, dass STEEM unter seine unmittelbar bevorstehende Unterstützung auf die nächste Unterstützungsebene bei 0,135 $ fallen würde.

Uppdatering av Bitcoin (BTC): Stiger priset till 10 850 USD idag?

Av CryptoTargets – Bitcoin (BTC) -priset verkar återhämta sig efter gårdagens nedgång.

Stiger bitcoin fortfarande till 10 850 $ idag? Läs uppdateringen.
Köpa Bitcoin för 1000 euro utan provision? Kom igång på Bitvavo
Bitcoin (BTC) 1 timmes diagram

På en timmars tidsram ser vi åtgärder, eftersom Bitcoin köps uppåt. Vad vi ser här är en studs efter en tredjedel högre låg (tredje vita pilen) som har fört Bitcoin tillbaka under 8-dagars MA (glidande medelvärde).

Detta kan vara väldigt intressant på kort sikt. En studs till 10 850 $ högst upp på kanalen där priset för närvarande rör sig är möjligt.

Detta kommer då att vara ungefär lika med det horisontella motståndet (röd linje).

Bitcoin 4-timmarsdiagram (del 1)

Vi ser ett bra tecken på 4-timmarsramen. Efter en hausseartad avvikelse (två gröna linjer) den 23 september har de 8 och 14 dagarna av rörliga medelvärden inte gått igenom än.

Detta är mycket gynnsamt för en ytterligare ökning på kort sikt. Ett kors skulle indikera att det är en bra tid att sälja igen.

Så även om Bitcoin föll från 10 850 $ till 10 640 dollar i går kväll, ger det inte ett tecken att sälja (kort sikt). Detta kommer också att vara anledningen till att Bitcoin köpte direkt i doppet.

Bitcoin 4-timmarsdiagram (del 2)

Det finns anledning till varför vi nämner “kort sikt” för ett potentiellt framsteg. Om vi ​​än en gång zoomer ut lite längre på 4-timmarsramen och placerar indikatorn Fibonacci retracement på priset, ser vi att Bitcoin rör sig i den “gyllene fickan”.

Det här är centrumet för Fibonacci-verktyget där mer volatilitet alltid förekommer. Ofta med en liten ökning efter en signifikant minskning, gör ett pris i mitten av Fibonacci en omgång igen.

Detta är vad vi också såg den 21 september. Priset flyttade tillbaka i den gyllene fickan och gjorde en spårning mot $ 10150 (mot den hausseartade avvikelsen från föregående bit).

I det här fallet kan vi bara säga med större säkerhet att Bitcoin kommer att fortsätta att stiga på längre sikt när det rör sig över den gyllene fickan.

För även då kan ett utbrott bli större eftersom det har “brutit igenom” centrum.

“Bryt 10 850 $ först”

På kort sikt kan vi se ytterligare en höjning mot 10 850 $ med utgången till 10 930 $. Om Bitcoin lyckas bryta denna nivå kan vi försiktigt säga att det finns en ytterligare ökning på lång sikt.
Om CryptoTargets

Vill du lära dig mer om hur support och motståndsnivåer fungerar och hur du kan handla med dem gratis? Läs sedan detta tydliga inlägg från CryptoTargets.


BITCOINIsraeliska politiker vill erkänna Bitcoin som valuta, inte tillgång Alisha Roy 

Enligt en lokal nyhetsrapport har fyra medlemmar från det politiska partiet Yisrael Beiteinu i Israel lagt fram ett nytt lagförslag som föreslår att Bitcoin (BTC) ska erkännas som en digital valuta i stället för en tillgång, vid Knesset, den israeliska regeringens lagstiftande gren. Anledningen till denna ändring av BTC: s nuvarande förordning härrör från det faktum att partimedlemmarna inte ville utsätta försäljningen av den främsta krypton till kapitalvinstskatt. Rapporten nämnde inte namnen på de politiker som föreslog lagförslaget.

Hittills har Bitcoin Trader ses som en tillgång enligt Israels nuvarande regler och är föremål för en kapitalvinstskatt på 25 procent. Men vissa användare gillar kortfristiga BTC-långivare och de som bedriver obligationsrelaterad verksamhet i Israel betalar kapitalvinstskatt på 15 procent.

Men de fyra israeliska politikerna insisterade på att virtuella tillgångar, särskilt BTC, behövde omvärdering, eftersom medlemmarna ansåg att även om kryptovaluteadoption var ett nytt koncept i Israel, och inkomstskattförordningen inte hade ändrats på flera år. Medlemmarna trodde att de nuvarande skattelagarna skulle bromsa innovation i Israels finansiella system samtidigt som de tävlade i den “nya digitala verkligheten.”

De fyra politikerna föreställde sig Israel som en av ledarna för den virtuella valutasektorn, eftersom de trodde att kryptos fick erkännande särskilt under den nuvarande globala ekonomiska nedbrytningen, tillade rapporten.

Dessutom hade den israeliska Bitcoin-föreningen genomfört en undersökning som uppgav att antalet kryptoföretag i Israel hade ökat med 32% från 2018 till 2019 och att det fanns cirka 150 aktiva blockchain- och kryptoföretag i december förra året, enligt en lokal nyhet Rapportera.